special parkinglifts with variable widths

Many people nowadays have their own XXL garage in which they can park their camper, oldtimer or trailer or other things.

What could be better than a perfectly fitting model, where the posts are almost against the wall and there is sufficient free passage height


A 4-column lift with a lifting height of 2.25 m and a free height under the platform of 2.15 m is used as the basis.

The track width (outside lanes) is 1900 mm. The car then remains on the stage on the left.

If the platform is only used for parking a car, this is sufficient.

With a load capacity of 2500 kg, this is sufficient for most cars.

The pillars are as far as possible against the walls,

so that maximum space remains under and above the lift

The width of the lift can vary between 2.95 m and 3.75 m (on order).

So that for any width of a garage, the posts can always be as close to the wall as possible

If you want a completely closed deck, you can choose the options: metal plates

and side plates when ordering, the right lane is then shifted to the right

and the intermediate plates placed between the carriageways. Optionally, the side plates can also be mounted to the carriageways, creating a completely closed platform from wall to wall.

loadable with 2500 kg

The right lane is shifted all the way to the right up to the pre-drilled holes

The optional metal cover plates can now be placed in between

Cover plates can also be ordered on the side of the driveways so that 1 large closed and resilient platform is created

Different widths are available from 2.95 meters, each 10 cm wider and a maximum of 5.35 meters wide (from 3.75 m it becomes a variant of the int-xlt-2+2)

Each lift has 2 aluminum ramps

Sizes and dimensions

As a model with 2 lanes

As a complete platform model


Prices and options

int-208-varia starting size 2.95 wide                               € 3.250, =

For each additional width of 10 cm, an extra                 €    100,= is added


              Metals middle plates:

for the width of 2.95 and 3.05                                          €    450, =
for the width of 3.15 and 3.25 and 3.35                           €    500, =
for the width of 3.45 and 3.55                                          €    550, =
for the width of 3.65 and 3.75                                          €    600, =

Metal plates on the side of the runways                           €    650, =

Transport                                                                         on request

Construction / installation                                               on request 

All prices are exclusive vat

price example: 1 x lift 3.45 m wide with whole platform:

1 x lift of 3.45 m wide € 3.250,= +5 x € 100,= (5 x 10 cm extra= € 500)  € 3.750,=

1 x metal between plates for 3.45 m wide                                                   €    550,=

1 x metal plates on side of runways                                                            €    650,=

                                                                                                              ====== +

                                                                                                                  € 4.950. =

 ex vat

Technical specifications

Load                                  2500 kg
Lifting height                    2270 mm
Electricity                         230 volt 1ph

fuse                                   16 C(slow) 
Operation                         electro / hydraulic
Color                                gray Ral 7011/powder coated
Locking                            automatically every 10 cm

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