int-XLT-2+2 uk

int-XLT 2+2-4,55
4 Post parkinglift 2+2 for 4 cars

4500 kg 



2100 mm lifting height
4500 kg Capacity,

230 volt/1ph  elektr/hydraulic

With a total width of only 4550 mm, this is the ideal solution for 
storing several cars that must be stored for a long time, eg winter.

The lift is equipped with all safety features such as the normal

4 post vehicle lifts such as,
slack cable protection
limit switches
foot protection switch / signal
24 volt cabinet
230 volt cabinet
lift is electro hydraulic works on 230 volt 1 ph (fuse 16C)


Option: Complete closed deck  
Standard : 6 x Oildrip trays


every 10 cm automatic locks

High clearance under the lift, 2 meters


Motorunit and electrical box
concealed in container


lift can also be loaded with 1 car

Sometimes it fits exactly



By the special version of the ramps, the entrance
of the ramps is very beneficail for low cars .
Because the ramps can be folded in half, it gives
extra space under and infron of the lift.
The ramps provide a exit security ,when the lift is




Emergency switch: on / off
Up: Lift lifts to desired height.
Down lock: Lift drops in the next lock
Down: Lift first goes up a few cm then
can be unlocked and lowered automatically.
Lift drops to foot protection switch, stops and gives an alarm signal
by pressing Down lock now, the lift drops to the floor


Each column is equipped with automatic
locking, these click in at every 10 cm
that the lift is higher, so the lift is always
protects against unwanted lowering. In the event of a cable break
or hydraulic leakage the lift can lower max 10 cm
and then blocked.
With normal lowering, the locks become
automatically unlocked and released so that
the lift lowers all the way to the floor


Slack-cable devide

Because the lift is provided on all 4 corners
of a slack cable protection, or
security, the lift will stop immediately as soon as
one of the corners will get stuck and does not lower
in line with the others




Oildrip trays

Adjustable limit switch so that lift height
can be set.
Foot protection switch. When descending, stops
the lift at a height of 20 cm, again at
pressing down the lift continues with
alarm signal

Each lift is supplied with 6 dripping trays




anti-slip-off protection.

Ensures that the cable cannot run off the wheel



Protective cover protects wheel and cable


Lower valve is always possible
be operated by hand
(in case of emergency)

Main switch with key lockable





set of 6 fixtures incl. connection-mounting set


Oildrip trays 

oildrip tray 95 x 63 cm
to close the open space between the runways
you need a extra 8 trays to close the complete lift


Extra long aluminium ramps
special for extra low cars
2.0 mtr long with a handle
set of 2 incl. brackets

Easy to stock in runway

stays with the lift and is not in the


Metal decks

Metal cover plates to seal the space between the carriageways
so that a large platform is created.
The plates can be loaded



To check whether your ceiling is high enough to actually park 2 cars above each other with this lift, you can use the table / calculation below

if the height of the lower car is between

  88  -     98 cm      the minimum ceiling height = 118 cm + height of the upper car

  98  -   108 cm      the minimum ceiling height = 128 cm + height of the upper car

 108  -  118 cm      the minimum ceiling height = 138 cm + height of the upper car

 118  -  128 cm      the minimum ceiling height = 148 cm + height of the upper car

 128  -  138 cm      the minimum ceiling height = 158 cm + height of the upper car

 138  -  148 cm      the minimum ceiling height = 168 cm + height of the upper car

 148  -  158 cm      the minimum ceiling height = 178 cm + height of the upper car

 158  -  168 cm      the minimum ceiling height = 188 cm + height of the upper car

 168  -  178 cm      the minimum ceiling height = 198 cm + height of the upper car

 178  -  188 cm      the minimum ceiling height = 208 cm + height of the upper car

 188  -  198 cm      the minimum ceiling height = 218 cm + height of the upper car

Example ;

car 1: bottom is 135 cm high.

car 2: the top is 145 cm high.

135 cm falls between 128  -  138 cm

minimum height for the ceiling is then 158 cm + 145 cm (=height top car) = 303 cm

Dimensions standard model 4,55 mtr


         Technical Data

load capacity     4500 kg

lifting height      2100 mm
current               230 volts 1ph
fuse                    16C (slow)

operation           electro/hydraulic  
color                  gray Ral 7011
lock                   Automatically every 10 cm


              Price of these models are the same

€ 4.650 =       int-XLT 2+2-4,55
on request     transportation
on request      installation
€    450, =      closed loadable deck 2 x 2500 kg
€    295, =      LED lighting 
€      12,50      oil collection plate  

€     450,=      Set of 2 extra long aluminium ramps

All prices are excluding VAT


installation video




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