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Parkingsystem with mobile scissorlift



3 high stacking cars ,halfautomatic (indépandant)
Parking without moving other cars


With our newest Parkingsystem “int-system-3” You can stack or park cars up
to 3 high without moving other cars.
Because the mobile scissor lift can move from left to right (visa versa) in front of
Car-racks, and lift up to 4 mtr, you can reach every car easy.
This scissor lift has been specially developed so that the loading height is just 12 cm.
Because of this low loading height, it is not necessary to lower the scissor lift into
a pitt in the ground , wich is normally required for scissor lifts that go up tho this height (4 meter)
Off course this makes a big difference in structural provision.(costs)
The plattform of the scissorlift is 2,5 mtr wide and 5,5 mtr long , so almost every
car can fitt on this platform.The total width of the scissor lift is 3,3 mtr
This system will be delivered complete with the car-racks .
The Car-racks form 2 laers of clossed decks ,wich can be loaded on the full width
Dripping or leaking oil and other dirt can not fall on the cars below
The standard Die Standard height is:
1e- Ground floor
2e- 2 Meter
3e- 3,5 to 3,9 Meter
These sizes can be custom made to your wishes.
The max. lifting height of the scissor lift is 4 meters






Scissor lift , moving left to right and back   € 21.500,=

Car stack rack 3 high startmodel                 €   5.750,=

6 cars

Car stack rack 3 high build-on model         €   5.000=   + 6 cars

installation and transport                      ON REQUEST

Price example: as in picture on the left 18 cars

(Can be expanded up to 60 cars)

1 x Scissorlift                                              € 21.500,=

1 x Car stack rack startmodel                    €   5.750,=

2 x Car stack rack build on a € 5000,=....€  10.000,=


                                          Total                 € 37.250,= all prices are ex vat 


worldwide delivery and installation possible




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