int-system-2 uk


Parkingsystem with mobile scissorlift 

and carmover in lift 


2 high stacking cars, semi-automatic (indépandant)

Parking without moving other cars

With our newest parkingsystem "int-system-2 " you can stack or park 

2 high without moving other cars.

The scissorlift can move left and right in front of the car stacking racks,

the build-in carmover pickes the cars up and put them in or out 

the car stacking racks, all on remote control.

the capacity of the scissorlift is 2500 kg 

the lifting height is max 2400 mm 

dimensions can be changed on demand.






Scissorlift with build-in carmover              € 18.000,=

Car stack rack 4 cars startmodel               €    3.000,= 

Car stack rack + 4 cars build-on model    €   2.750,=

Installation and Transport                        ON REQUEST



Price example; as in picture above for 20 cars total ( but can be extended).

1 x Scissorlift incl carmover                                                 € 18.000,=

1 x Car stack rack startmodel                                              €   3.000,=

4 x Car stack rack build-on model a € 2.750                       €  11.000,=


                                                                       Total              €  32.000,=       EXCL VAT