parking system for 4 cars

  independently movable platforms

The int-PSH2-eco is a parking system for 4 cars, 2 above and 2 below.

Each platform can move independently so that there is only,  

In contrast to the int-xlt-2+2, 1 car to be driven from underneath

to lower 1 car.

The width can possibly be adjusted so that the system is precise

fits in your garage and there are no columns in the way.

the load capacity per platform is 2000 kg, the platform locks automatically

in the top position so that the cars can be stored long and safe

Stable operation due to chain / electric motor.                         Automatic locking in top position

              simple central control                                   low drive-on height very suitable for low cars


Above: example of modified system. the system has been made wider so that the columns

can stand right next to the wall, the platforms and the top cars are centered in the middle so that you can drive well in relation to the entrance. There is now maximum space under the platforms with a clearance height of 2000 mm




Principle operation of the system


Example in practice



int-PSH2-eco                     € 12.000,=

installation                          on request

Transport                            on request

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