3 high double parking

With the int-2+2-triple you can park 6 cars in the place where normally

only 2 cars can stand. Due to the compact design of this lift

you gain the most space.

The lift is very suitable for long-term parking of vehicles.

Weight per car can be max 2250 kg and the heights can vary.


The lifts are equipped with all necessary safety devices as an obstacle exit,
automatic locking on every post, every 10 cm
24 volt control voltage, limit switch, foot protection switch.
Foldable ramps for space and height savings

The ramp height of the first platform is 16 cm, the ramps supplied

are long enough to drive even low cars well on the lift.

The ramp height of the 2nd (upper) platform is 32 cm, here you have to use extra

long aluminum ramps who are placed on top so that low cars can also be safely parked

Optionally, metal intermediate plates can be supplied so that

a completely closed and loadable platform is created.





Technical Data

load capacity         6 x 2250 kg
current                   400 volts 3ph
fuse                        16C(slow)
operation               electro/hydraulics
color                      gray Ral 7011
lock                       Automatically every 10 cm



€ 13,625,=                   int-2+2-Triple
on request                   Transport
on request                   installation
€      590,=                  LED lighting

€    12,50                     plastic oil collecting plate 95 x 63 cm

€    450,=                    set of extra long aluminum ramps

€    900,=                    metals platesbetween runways for closed deck

Prices are excluding VAT


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