2 post parking lift, free standing, suitable for outdoor use



The int-1123-Galv is a new 2 post parking lift which is specially made

  for outdoor use (can of course also be used indoors if

you can't drill in the floor due to underfloor heating).

Because it is fully galvanized, it is well protected against rain, wind, snow, etc.

The lift can stand loose on the floor, so it does not need to be drilled down.

With a lifting capacity of 2300 kg and a lifting height of 2100 mm

most cars can be parked on and under the lift

The engine and electricity are concealed in a cabinet that also contains the control buttons

located. This cabinet can be placed behind, next to, or in front of the lift

Every 10 cm the lift automatically locks and when lowering the lock becomes

also automatically kept free.

The operation can be done with a supplied key so that the lift is

protected against unauthorized use.



Here an example of the use of this lifts.

There is little space between the 2 buildings, normally 5 cars would be here

can stand behind each other. But if one of the back cars has to go

the cars parked in front of it must always be driven away.

In the case of using these lifts, one drives the car on the lift,

lift goes up with car and the next car drives under the lifts to the

next lifte, this also goes up with car and so there is always a free road

  and all cars can be removed at any time without others

driving away .



                       Technical Data
load capacity                          2300 kg
lifting height                           2100 mm
current                                    230 volts 1ph
fuse                                         16C (slow)
operation                                electro / hydraulic 
color                                       gray Ral 7011
lock                                         Automatically every 10 cm



€ 3.500,=              Start model 2300 kg

on request             Transport
on request             instalation

                                  All prices are excl VAT


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